G.Skill Trident Z5 RAM Sets DDR5 Overclocking Record Reaching 8,888 MT/s

G.Skill has always made records with its Trident memory products when it comes to overclocking. The tradition continues in the all new and emerging DDR5 era. G.Skill’s Trident Z5 DDR5 memory has set a world frequency record at DDR5-8888, while incorporated in an ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Apex motherboard. This achievement has undoubtedly been made possible with the help of ASUS.

ddr5 8888 1

To clarify, it is an Intel Alder Lake platform. For now, Alder Lake serves as the only avenue to DDR5 on the desktop that is available to users. However, AMD is also preparing to launch its Zen 4 CPUs which will give an alternative to users.

02 world record DDR5 8888

The DDR5 memory gives a lot of room to set new records. One example is that it promises high transfer rates, with talk of kits eventually scaling to DDR5-10000 and beyond. Faster DDR5 kits are likely to become more common after the DDR5 shortage comes to an end. Lupin_no_musume, an extreme overclocker, was able to achieve the highest ever overclock for DDR5. Pushing the memory this far took extreme cooling—liquid nitrogen (LN2).

01 gskill trident z5 rgb black apex
Moreover, the timings were set at 88-88-88-88-127-2 (tCAS, tRCD, tRP, tRAS, tRC, tCR). This is the main reason behind DDR5 hitting in comparison with the DDR4, though the added bandwidth makes up for looser timings in most of the cases.

Via HotHardware