Intel ARC Alchemist GPUs Will Feature Samsung 16Gbps GDDR6 Memory

According to a new picture leaked by kuna, Intel Arc Alchemist SKU2 GPU features Samsung 16Gbps memory. This picture was published by kuna on Twitter.

The leaked picture shows the Intel DG2-512 graphics processor. It is part of the Alchemist series by Intel and is based on Xe-HPG. It is a 6nm GPU and showcases 6 memory modules named Samsung K4ZAF325BM-HC16. Every chip gives 2GB in capacity and 16 Gbps bandwidth.

Intel DG2 Memory Configurations

The memory specifications which were released this week by a leakster have originated from Chinese Tieba Baidu forums. This info was released 7 months back, but it came to light a few weeks back.

This cut down model possesses 6 memory modules around the processor called the 384 EU variant, SKU2. It will offer 12GB GDDR6 memory and a 192-bit memory bus alongside a bandwidth of up to 384 GB/s.

Samsung GDDR6

Samsung has listed this memory model as ‘Sampling’. However, it was listed a month back in ‘Mass Production’. The company has reportedly shifted the status of this memory type and the 18/20/24 Gbps memory has been removed from the product catalog. The Arc Alchemist GPUs are ready to launch in a few months. News about the ‘Q1 2022’ promise is not confirmed and we are not sure if it indicates both desktop and mobile GPUs or even if this includes both GPUs (128EU & 512EU).


Via VideoCardz