GeForce 40 Series Based On Ada Architecture And New GeForce RTX Logo Confirmed By NVIDIA

The “GeForce Beyond” presentation, featuring VIDIA CEO Jensen Huang, has just been made publicly available.

Although the video won’t be viewable for another 41 hours, this presumably suggests that it has already been recorded and that the listed price is final. The YouTube trailer confirms two facts via its thumbnail and teaser.


The teaser suggests that Ada Lovelace architecture and the GeForce 40 series would be the focus of this broadcast, based on the avatar and nickname of the purported Discord user shown in it.

Earlier rumors indicated that the forthcoming NVIDIA GeForce series would be getting a new logo, and now we have official confirmation. It is the same logo and font that we’ve seen in leaks up until this point.


This is merely a formalization of what we always suspected, but at least now we know for sure. On September 20th, NVIDIA will launch the GeForce RTX 40 series, a new line of graphics cards built on the Ada architecture. NVIDIA is expected to reveal the RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 graphics cards. It is anticipated that the former GPU will be the first to market in the coming month.


Additionally, a sticky note in a picture says, “T.I or Tie?” Although we can’t rule out a humorous announcement, it seems quite improbable that NVIDIA will also reveal the 4090 Ti.