Glorious PC Gaming Race Model O Gaming Mouse Review

Software & Lighting

Glorious PC Gaming Race backs up the Model O with software which allows you to customize the buttons and tune the mouse to your liking. You can download the software from their website, although the mouse will function just fine without it.

Opening the software up you are given an overview of the mouse with all of the buttons numbered. Here you change the function for each button. You can choose between mouse functions, a key combination, macros, DPI settings, and a handful of multimedia functions. The software does include a Macro Editor, which makes it easy to create and store macros.

The main settings for the mouse are on the right. First you have DPI. Here you can set six different DPI levels and a corresponding color for the LED indicator on the bottom of the mouse. Lighting is next and you have a handful of different effects. You can select the speed and colors of each effect. Under Mouse Parameter you’ll find your LOD or lift off distance. Polling rate is next which is set at the default of 1000 Hz. Finally you have Debounce Time which is set to 10 ms by default.

When it comes to RGB lighting Glorious PC Gaming Race has outfitted the Model O with two strips down each side of the mouse and RGB around the mouse wheel. These sections are all controlled togehter, but look quite good, especially on the white version of the mouse.

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