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Griffin Beacon for iOS Review

Setup & Usage
Getting the Beacon setup is extremely simple.  First install the included batteries and place the Beacon where you want it in your home theater.  Next install the Dijit app from the app store.  Now press down on the Beacon and turn on the Bluetooth on your iOS device.  You will now be able to pair the two.  Once you have paired your device with the Beacon you can go ahead and open up the Dijit app and start using your iOS device as a remote for your devices.  To show you just how easy the Dijit app is to use and how to add your devices check out the video below.

As you can see from the video the Dijit app is very simple to use.

Final Thoughts
After using the Beacon for a few weeks now I cannot imagine my home theater without it.  Even when I’m at a friends hows I think to myself, this would be so much easier if they had a Griffin Beacon.  The beacon is such a simple device and really eliminates the need for remotes.  My iPhone is something I always have with me and hardly ever lose, unlike remotes that we just set down after we are done using them.

The Dijit app worked with everything in my home theater system except my Western Digital TV Live Hub.  I was able to submit the device using the Dijit app so hopefully they will add it soon.  Adding the devices to the Dijit app for use is very easy as you could see in our video.  If you own a brand name TV or media device it is most likely work with Dijit.  For my use I had a Sharp Aquos LCD TV, Comcast cable box and my Xbox 360.  They all worked easily with the Dijit app.

Another thing that I really liked about the Dijit app was the TV listings.  You can input your zip code and cable provider and your TV listings come up on the app.  From there you can browse through them and if you want to watch something you can just select it and the Beacon will change the channel on your set top box.  It is also nice because you can see information about the current show that is on, all on your iOS device.

The only real issue I had with the Beacon was the placement really.  It is an IR device so it is all directional.  So you need it to be sitting infront of your TV and other devices.  This may be hard to do if you have a home theater setup with shelves.  I actually found a solution to this by placing the Beacon on an end table, which worked out pretty well.

At the end of the day for the price of $69.99 you really cannot go wrong with the Beacon.  It will replace every remote in your home theater setup and you can use it with any iOS deivce.  That means no only your iPhone, but iPad and iPod.  Android users don’t worry Griffin also makes a Beacon that works with those devices as well.  Overall ThinkComputers gives the Griffin Beacon a 10 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

– Small and simple design
– Works with any iOS device
– dijit app is awesome
– Price

– IR is directional so the Beacon needs to be in front of all your devices

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