How to use TikTok for business

The dawn of social media has given people plenty of option to connect with each other in so many different ways. Some use photos, text and others, videos. One of the most popular apps for videos is TikTok which sold itself on the premise of creating short 15 t 60 seconds videos and sharing them with many people. In the past, it was mostly about sharing and discovering new music but now, the music has taken a back seat as background music to all the entertaining content users are making and sharing on the app. Anyone can watch at anytime to kill their boredom. Above all, they are short and sweet.

Brands are recently taking notice of TikTok because of the potential value it can add to them including reaching generation z, the services available for growth such as TokUpgrade which allows them to buy real TikTok followers, and content creation at a low cost. With all these benefits, its important for businesses to know a few things.

Understand how TikTok works

TikTok became popular for its short video creation and sharing feature. It gives users several features to create content including filters and background music. Some of this content is based on current trends which can be hashtag challenges like the ice bucket challenge which people create as a way to have fun while giving back to a charitable cause. Other content that people find entertaining on the app includes comedy skits and lip-syncing. These are core to the audience on TikTok because it is an app that people come onto to have fun.

Be entertaining

TikTok is all about fun and entertainment, and being entertaining is the best way to get more TikTok followers. While businesses may be more interested in selling their products, TikTok does not afford hard selling. Businesses need to build fun content not directly related to selling a product or brand. Some of the challenges include the #GuacDance challenge by Chipotle which engaged users through creating a dance. This generated massive engagement and sales of guac. The idea behind TikTok is entertainment through engaging and authentic content driven toward getting users to get involved with the business.

Have a niche

Every business needs to know where its strengths are and which specific market they are targeting. This helps them create content relevant to those users and understand what kind of content appeals to them. By focusing on a niche, a business can study what their interests are and incorporate them in the engagement videos they create or choose to use an influencer within that niche. Some niches include fashion, cooking and dancing.

Collaborate with influencers

Influencers do the work for you that a whole marketing team would struggle with on TikTok. Since influencers have large followings of people who want to be like them, they are more likely to hook onto trends or brands that influencers promote. Buzz Sumo can locate influencers for a specific niche. Influencers can also create better content for a business that appeals to their followers since they already know what they like and respond to. It is better for them to decide what content would be most relevant and also how they can go about engaging users. This also comes at a fraction of the budget of a marketing team.

Create a hashtag challenge

Hashtag challenges are a big portion of what happens on TikTok. Many challenges are create by users and businesses that engage users to participate by recording themselves performing the challenge and then uploading it to the app. The more engagement a challenge receives, the more it trends on the TikTok app. Creating an appropriate branded challenge is what stands between a successful business and an unsuccessful one. These challenges can also cut across other social media platforms if they become popular on TikTok bringing more attention to a business.


In the right business hands, TikTok can be used to create great marketing results for businesses that understand what it takes to use the app appropriately. understanding how it works through short entertaining videos while focusing on a niche all make the TikTok experience more worthwhile for businesses. When personal branding content fails, influencers are a great go to because of their already established following. TikTok offers a great opportunity for businesses that take the time to learn the ropes on how to take advantage of the app.