Individual Caught With $32,000 Worth of M.2 SSD’s Wrapped Around His Waist In China

Chinese customs authorities have recently reported an attempt to smuggle M.2 SSDs and memory products worth $32,000, adding to the already record-breaking surge in PC hardware smuggling incidents.

According to HKEPC, a man allegedly made an attempt to smuggle M.2 SSDs while traveling within a province in China. Customs officials became suspicious of the man’s appearance, noticing he was wearing a loose coat and had an unusual bulge around his waist, prompting them to conduct a thorough inspection.

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China Customs authorities conducted an investigation and discovered that the individual involved in the incident had been smuggling approximately 450 memory products and M.2 SSDs. These items were concealed by wrapping them around the smuggler’s waist and abdomen using plastic film. While specific information about the products remains limited, the total estimated value was approximately HKD$258,000, which is equivalent to USD$32,984.94.

Instances of such incidents have been recurrent, with numerous motivations driving smugglers to illegally transport PC hardware products. One prominent reason is the desire to avoid local taxation regulations, enabling them to maximize profits when selling the smuggled goods. Furthermore, it remains uncertain whether the smuggled items originated from an international source. However, if that were the case, it could be linked to the sanctions imposed on China, leading to a scarcity of high-quality PC hardware.

China Customs has reported that the collective value of hardware goods involved in smuggling attempts has reached $4 million US over a span of two years. It appears that the involved “group” shows no signs of slowing down, raising concerns about the imminent smuggling of the latest Raptor Lake CPUs throughout China.