Intel Arc A30M PRO Series Confirmed For Mobile Workstations

Intel’s Arc A30M Pro discrete graphics card will be featured on the Dell Precision 5470. These will be the first laptops to do so. ITHome has recently posted a specs leaflet and we believe that it can be safely concluded that Intel will be launching the Arc GPUs very soon. We are hearing about the Arc A30M for the Dell Precision 5470 Series which will have 14-inch laptops with a 16:10 screen.

ARC GPU Diagram 1200x776 1

On top of this, we know that the mobile workstation laptops will feature Intel’s 14-core Alder Lake Core i9-12900H CPU. This clearly means that we are looking forward to some high-end system specs on the laptop series. As far as the graphics are concerned, the Arc A30M GPU option will be given alongside the NVIDIA A1000 4 GB dGPU. This is NVIDIA’s latest workstation Ampere GPU that was released earlier this week.

Intel’s website has a GPU diagram that shows part of the Arc architecture. There had been rumors previously that the Arc will be based on Gen 12.7 architecture. With this diagram on display, these rumors have been confirmed.

Intel ARC A30M PRO 1 1200x775 1

Intel will be launching its Arc Alchemist discrete GPUs on March 30th. The focus of the launch will be laptop GPUs like the A370M and A350M, which are both based on low-power DG2-128EU GPU. It still remains uncertain if the workstation GPUs will launch on the same day or not.

Via ITHome, VideoCardz