Intel Arc A380 Desktop GPUs Are Now Available In The US From Newegg

Intel’s Arc A380 has finally made its way to the United States market. After two months of its official debut, the Arc A380, Intel’s entry-level GPU based on the small ACM-G11 Alchemist GPU, is now up for sale on Newegg. This marks the first time that Intel’s desktop Arc GPUs are available for sale in this region and are officially up for sale outside China.


The ASRock Arc A380 Challenger ITX graphics card has been priced at $139.99. So far this is the only ASRock model, which is based on the Intel GPU, however, we are listening to some rumors that there might be other variants planned.

The ASRock Arc A380 Challenger ITX is not the first model in the market featuring the Intel GPU. In fact, it was GUNNIR Photon OC which was initially used for the Intel Arc desktop reviews. Up until now, GUNNIR was the only card that was available from retailers and even system integrators in China. The reason why purchasing these cards didn’t gain much popularity was the fact that import costs were tremendously high. At the same price, you could get other cards that were faster and better performing such as Nvidia’s GTX 1650 or AMD’s RX 6400.

ASROCK Arc A380 6GB Challenger ITX OC 1

Intel’s Arc A380 features 8 Xe Cores and a GDDR6 memory of 6 GB. As compared to the flagship mobile GPU, this card comes with a higher memory spread across a wider bus interface.

The ASRock Challenger ITX has been designed specifically for the ITX form factor. It comes with a single-fan design. With factory overclocked to 2250 MHz, it comes with a 75W TDP. It can support up to four display connectors.

ASROCK Arc A380 6GB Challenger ITX OC 4

Via Newegg