Intel Confirms 13th Gen “Raptor Lake” 13900K/13700K/13600K CPUs Accidently

Intel unintentionally leaked the news of three of its unreleased processors from the 13th series. It was discovered by hardware leaker @momomo_US, and after getting this information, Intel quickly removed it, so it is now unavailable on the website.

Intel Core 13000 Specs

Overall, the information on three K-series CPUs has been confirmed. There are no surprises, as the company mentioned i9 13,900K, i7-13700K, and i5-13600K and all the basic specs one would expect. Every model will feature 24, 16, and 14 cores, respectively.

There’s good news related to the listed performance core boost frequency which is much lower than what has been mentioned in the leaks previously. Intel is going with P-Core Turbo, not Turbo Boost Max 3.0 or Thermal Velocity Boost, which are up to 400 MHz higher for some models, for example, 13900K.

The i-9-13900K will boost up to 5.8 GHz with TVB, and the i7-13700K frequency will go up to 5.4GHz with TBM 3.0. It is just the i5-13600K specs as they are listed.

raptor lake leak 2

It is vital to note that the leak from Igor’s lab is confirmed by Intel too. That’s why there is no way these aspects would change at some point. This also confirms that only those three models are set to launch in two weeks at the Intel Innovation, along with the KF variants that don’t feature integrated graphics.