Intel Core i5-1250P Outperforms Core i7-11800H CPU In Recent Geekbench Tests

Intel Core i5-1250P(28W) mobile CPU outperforms Core i7-11800H CPU(45W) and is 10% faster. The fact that a low power CPU has outperformed a high power CPU in terms of speed is quite impressive.

Intel Core i5 1250P Specs

Intel Core i5-1250P features a 2.1 GHz base clock along with a 3.7-4.4 GHz boost. It has 12 cores: 4 Performance (Big) cores and 8 Efficient (small) cores. The CPU incorporates 16 threads. The configuration is quite rare for mobile CPUs. It is also compatible with MSI Prestive 14 A12SC laptop, a thin business laptop, not suitable for gaming though, as it does not feature discrete GPU.

The Geekbench test database, however, shows better results for 11800H. But, while looking at the average scores, i5-1250P has proved to be 10% faster than 11800H in both multi-core and single-core tests.

Intel Core i5 1250P vs 11800H

The Core i5-1250P will debut on the 4th of January along with other chips from the Alder Lake-P series, including the high-end 45W parts. The clock speeds of a lot of SKUs are yet unknown. This is due to the reason that the leaks, most often, are unable to hybrid technology frequency correctly.

Alder Lake-P U28 parts will be brought into use alongside ultra-thin designs, which mainly rely on the integrated Xe-LP GPUs (as many as 96 EUs). Some Intel Evo-certified designs may feature 12X0P parts.

Via Geekbench