Intel Stock Cooler For Alder Lake-S CPUs Tested

The most anticipated refresh of Intel stock coolers is coming with the 12th Gen Core  CPU series with 65W. According to a review, it will be released at the start of the coming year. The company will be launching three new stock coolers for Core i7, Core i5, and Core i3/Pentium SKUs. All these possess their distinctive features and heat dissipation capacity.

The Laminar RM1 is a mid-tier stock cooler which was tested by the team at 163. The blue ring present around the fan is not LED illuminated which means this light-emitting feature will remain limited to the higher-end RH1 cooler.

The CPU was tested with a Core i5-12400 6-core processor which has not been released yet. The power consumption of this CPU is averaged at 81W and has a peak value of 89W .

An 8 minute FPU AIDA64 stress test was performed in which the CPU reached a peak temperature of 75°C and an average of 70°C (at room temperature i.e 20 C). The fan speed of the CPU was calculated as 3100 RPM which was interpreted as audible (with no noise measurements conducted).

These Laminar CPU coolers will be released by Intel alongside boxed 12th Gen Core Alder Lake-S desktop processors expected on January 4th.