Intel Core i9-11900K Gaming Performance Leaked

An alleged marketing slide for the upcoming Intel Core i9-11900K “Rocket Lake” processor has been leaked. The slide shows that despite the fact that the Core i9-11900K has two less cores than i9-10900K “Comet Lake-S,” the processor has an improved performance than its predecessor.

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When the resolution was set at 1080p, the i9-11900K had 13% more frame rates in “Total War: Three Kingdoms and 14% with Microsoft Flight Simulator compared to the i9-10900K. In Gears 5, it had a lead by 9%, while in GRID 2019, it had a lead by 8%.

The reason behind the Core i9-11900 K’s improved gaming performance is the IPC increase (single-thread performance increase) due to the new “Cypress Cove” CPU cores. It looks like Intel is on the right track to lead the PC gaming performance segment with its 11th Gen Core desktop processor series.

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It is expected that Intel will launch the 11th Gen Core desktop processor next month.

Via Twitter