Intel Core i9-12900HK Is Faster Than AMD Threadripper 1950X In Cinebench R20 Test

Lab501 claims to have obtained a sample of the next-gen laptop that is based on the forthcoming Core i9-12900HK. Following the Alder Lake-H processors’ announcement at CES 2022, the laptops based on the new core series are expected to hit the shelves by late January or early February. Prototypes have been sent to reviewers and influencers for testing and promotion purposes.

Core i9 12900HK CPUZ 1

The Core i9-12900HK features 14 cores: 8 Efficiency cores and 6 Performance cores. With a max turbo frequency that goes as far as 5.0 GHz, the upcoming processor will have a base power of 45W. Intel claims it to be 28% faster in gaming as compared to the current i9-11900HK which is based completely on the Tiger Lake architecture.

These high-end laptops feature 32GB of DDR5-4800 CL40 memory along with dual PCIe storage in Raid0. The model of the laptop is still unknown.

Intel 12900HK CinebenchR15

The processor has been successful in bagging the top position in all benchmark tests performed. The results show 8% better performance in PCMark 8 and 15% better performance in Cinebench. In Cinebench R20, Core i9-12900HK has even outperformed 180W stock Ryzen Threadripper 1950X.

During its stress test, the processor reaches up to 4.988 GHz frequency consuming power of about 113W.

12900HK Cinebench R15

GPU testing with Alder Lake CPUs will be quite interesting. Alder Lake-P silicon has 8 PCIe GPU lanes available (16 in total). The fact that 11th Gen Tiger Lake has 16 lanes available (20 in total), is an interesting element to consider while making a comparison, as this can impact the GPU performance.

Via Lab501