Intel Core i9-14900KS CPU Delidded Already; Overclocker Manages To Get 7 to 10 °C Down

Intel consistently faces challenges with leaks surrounding their upcoming desktop CPUs. The unreleased Core i9-14900KS “Special Edition” has already surfaced at retailers, in the hands of overclockers, and has even been delidded, despite not being officially announced.


With 24 cores (8 P-Cores and 16 E-Cores), the i9-14900KS boasts a 6.2 GHz clock and a default TDP of 150W. Catering to enthusiasts and overclockers aiming for rigorous testing, this processor exemplifies precisely that in this scenario.

The source of this leak is the individual who initially shared the initial images of the new processor. “pakhtunov,” a member of Overclock forums, has conducted thermal testing on the CPU, both with the stock Integrated HeatSpreader (IHS) and after delidding, followed by the application of a new liquid metal solution.


The outcomes indicate a temperature reduction ranging from 7 to 10 °C in various tests. Concurrently, users observe a decrease in wattage ranging from 10 to 23, directly correlated with the lower temperatures. The system, as mentioned by the author, employs the DeepCool LS720 SE Liquid Cooler with a 360mm radiator.

Set to release on March 14th, the Core i9-14900KS anticipates reviews and overclocking results from enthusiasts. Although Intel has not officially disclosed the pricing for this processor, based on previous “Special Edition” launches, it is likely to surpass the $700 mark.


Source: Pakhtunov (OCN)