Intel Core i9-7980XE 18-Core Processor Review

Comparison & Value
If you are considering at chip that costs this much ($1999) you definitely are going to want to make sure you are running applications that take advantage of all 18 cores. So what we’ve done is take three of our tests that use all available cores and see what percentage increase you are going to get against the Core i9-7900X, which is $999.

sandra proc perc

pov ray perc

cine perc

Looking at these results we can see that we are averaging around a 40% performance increase with the biggest being 43.21% in Cinebench. So not exactly a double the performance for double the cost, but remember double the cores on the i9-7900X would be 20 not the 18 that we have here on the i9-9780XE. So 18 cores seems about right for the 40% increase in performance that we are seeing.

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