Intel Tiger Lake 10nm CPUs will Launch Next Year, Featuring 8 cores And 16 Threads

Intel has confirmed the release of the 10nm Intel Tiger Lake CPUs in 2021. As per the medium post by Intel’s CVP (Corporate Vice President) of Client Computing Group, Boyd Phelps, the next-generation processor will be released in 2021 and feature up to eight cores and 16 threads.

Boyd’s post stated that users can expect up to 24MB cache with 8-core die config, which will be available later. The initial lineup of Intel Tiger Lake CPUs will launch under the 11th Gen U-series segment featuring up to 4 cores and 8-threads for a total of up to 12MB L3 cache. The Tiger Lake-H will arrive next year, featuring a 24MB L3 cache along with double core and thread count.

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SharkBay from PTT forums has also released information regarding the SKUs to be provided under the Tiger Lake-H family. BGA1449 socket will be utilized by the standard tiger lake featuring four cores and 35W TDPS. While the Tiger Lake- U will feature a BGA1787 socket along with 8-cores variants and 45W TDPs.

The 35W variant will feature a 96 EU Iris Xe integrated GPU 45 Watt variants that will feature just 32 EUs on their Xe GPU. The 45W variants will be available in 4,6 and 6 core variants. They will also have higher frequencies compared to BGA1449 socket-based processors.

The 10nm Intel Tiger Lake-H chips will feature up to 8 cores and 16 threads based on the new Willow Cove architecture. The CPUs would carry up to 34 MB of cache that’s 24 MB L3 (3 MB L3 per core) and 10 MB L2 (1.25 MB per core). An asymmetrical 48/32 KB L1 cache will be used for the Tiger Lake lineup and the support for AVX2 & AVX-512 instructions. The processors will also feature Two-Level Memory (2LM) and SGX (Software Guard Extensions). Support for DDR4 speeds of up to 3200 MHz will also be provided for the Tiger Lake series.

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Intel Tiger Lake-H series will launch alongside AMD Cezzane-H family lineup that will feature Zen 3 (7nm+) cores with incremental IPC gains.

More details regarding Intel Tiger Lake can be expected at the CES 2021 (Digital Only Event ).

Via Medium