Take-Two Interactive CEO approves of Microsoft’s Xbox Series S/X strategy, says it will do well

Microsoft recently announced the Xbox Series S, a lower end console that will sit below the flagship Xbox Series X. While this is great for consumers, it might not be the best for game developers pushing the next-gen goodness. Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick however, says this is a good strategy from Microsoft.

We had recently reported about id Software game devs not being too happy with Xbox’s next-gen platform being fragmented. Strauss Zelnick talked to Protocol and discussed Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and he thinks Microsoft will do well with the two. He also hinted that Microsoft might be looking at more acquisitions:

“So far it looks to me as though they’re both approaching this launch very aggressively. We’ve always worked happily with both parties. We would like to see both be very successful. In certain parts of the world, as you know, Sony had a preferred position last time around. I think Microsoft is working very, very hard to see that that’s not repeated. I think it will be a challenge in Asia, where Sony’s dominated.

But if I had to guess, I think Microsoft is going to do very well. […] Sony are going to focus, as they always do, on aiming at an advantage on the content side. But Microsoft’s trying to do the same thing; as you know, Microsoft has bought some studios. There’s a lot of stuff that they own and control. Perhaps they’ll do more of that. They have a great balance sheet.”

Take Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick

He also commented on cloud gaming, and how he doesn’t think it is particularly going to help Take-Two with sales:

“I suspect it will not be transformative. I’m speaking against my own interests, right? We’re supposed to paint this picture of nirvana; however, I just don’t think it’s nirvana. Nirvana is making great hits, and then people will find them.

We’ve sold 135 million units of Grand Theft Auto V, 32 million units of Red Dead Redemption. I wish I could tell you that there will come a point where various cloud gaming services will mean those numbers are doubled or tripled, but I don’t really see it.”

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