Intel Will Unveil Bitcoin-mining ‘Bonanza Mine’ Chip At ISSCC Conference

According to reports, Intel will come forward with a Bitcoin-mining ‘Bonanza Mine’ Chip at the upcoming ISSCC conference. Intel will give a presentation in the category of ‘Highlighted Chip Releases’ to demonstrate a new “Bonanza Mine” processor. It is a chip described as an “ultra-low-voltage energy-efficient Bitcoin mining ASIC”. Looks like Intel is all set to give competition to existing companies such as Bitmain in specialized ASICs for Bitcoin mining.

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Intel hinted at not limiting the mining performance of its discrete gaming GPUs, but the company would still not prefer to use its GPUs for mining purposes. It wants to keep its GPUs for gamers rather than miners.

It is speculated that Intel will reveal more information about the new hardware on the 23rd of February. The presentation listing says that the company will be giving a video demonstration of the latest chip.

It is yet unclear if the chip would be available for the public or would just be confined to some research project. However, if we look at the statements from a senior vice president and GM Raja Koduri as well as consider the fact that the chip is in the “Highlighted Chip Releases: Digital/ML” track, it can be speculated that the chip or some variant of it, could be available for the public in the future.

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Intel could make a successful and profitable entry into the high-margin market of bitcoins. The appreciable production capacity of the company gives it an edge against the competitors.

Via Toms Hardware