Intel’s Arrow Lake, Lunar Lake, Nova Lake CPUs Will Succeed Meteor Lake

A member of Anandtech Forums has allegedly leaked Meteor Lake’s successors, which includes the following three processor families: Arrow Lake, Lunar Lake & Nova Lake.

The member claims that the information is from someone carrying the ‘Mooreslawisnotdead’ tag. Please do not mistake it with the popular youtube and hardware leakster, ‘Moores Law is Dead’.

Intel Alder Lake Desktop CPU

There are no details on the roadmap yet. However, the leak includes claims regarding the expected performance and configurations of Intel’s next-generation CPUs.

Intel 12th & 13th Gen Alder Lake & Raptor Lake:

The known upcoming processors in the rumor are Alder Lake, Raptor Lake, Meteor Lake, and Lunar Lake, whereas the new codenames are Arrow Lake and Nova Lake. The leaks state that Intel will bring Alder Lake, as a competitor to AMD & Apple in the desktop and mobile space later this year.

However, Raptor Lake will offer a competitive nature against its rivals since it will be a slight optimization of Alder Lake CPUs with a 10% performance boost & updated CPU configs as the rumors suggest.

Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake:

The Meteor Lake series will have Redwood Cove & Crestmont cores with expected arrival in Q2 2023. It will be the first series to have Intel 4 nodes, a proper Chiplet / Tile architecture, and will leave behind the ring bus interconnect architecture.

The leaks mention that Intel will use Foveros Packaging Technology on the CPU to interconnect the various dies on the chip (XPU).

Intel Meteor Lake Desktop CPUs 1030x575 1

Intel 15th Gen Arrow Lake:

Arrow Lake hasn’t appeared before, but it will be an Intel 4 process node-based architectural update. It will have an updated compute tile with Lion Cove & Skymont cores. A 40 core configuration (8 Big + 32 Small cores) will be used and it will have similar performance to AMD and Apple processors.

Intel 16th Gen Lunar Lake:

This will be the first Intel 3 series with slightly better performance than AMD and Apple processors. The processors shouldn’t be expected until late 2024 or early 2025.

Intel Process Roadmap Intel 7 Intel 4 Intel 3 Intel 20A official 1030x579 1

Intel 17th Gen Nova Lake:

This lineup will bring the biggest architectural revolution with its new Panther Cove and Darkmont architectures. A 50% performance increase is expected. We can expect the processor to arrive in late 2025 or early 2026.

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