iQunix L80 Formula Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review

Usage & Final Thoughts

I have been using the iQunix L80 Formula as my main keyboard for the past 3 weeks now and I have to say I really like it. I think if you are moving from a more traditional keyboard or even a gaming keyboard with ABS keycaps you are going to notice a pretty big difference. Mechanical key switches matched with PBT keycaps and a solid chassis really makes for an exceptional typing experience. If you are doing a lot of writing or coding this combination of materials is definitely going to be something you appreciate.

Our sample came with Gateron Blue switches, but as I mentioned you can configure the keyboard with Gateron (Brown, Red, Blue), Cherry MX (Brown, Red, Blue, Pink, Silver), and TTC (Speed Silver, Gold Pink) mechanical key switches. Gateron Blue’s are a clicky switch, which I tend to like quite a lot. I do prefer a Cherry MX over a Gateron (and yes you can tell the difference!), but Gateron’s still feel very good! If you are wondering what the L80 Formula sounds like with these switches check out our audio sample below…


The 80% layout that iQunix uses on the L80 is something I really like about this keyboard. It is basically like a tenkeyless keyboard, but without the spacing for the arrow keys and other keys that are typically spaced to the right of the main keys. All of these keys are brought over to make one one compact, yet very functional keyboard. The L80 is actually 10% smaller than most 87-key mechanical keyboards.

Another thing I really like about the L80 Series from iQunix is the colorways. Currently you have 5 different colorways to choose from, so you can easily match one of them to your setup. It is pretty awesome that iQunix matches the included USB cable to the keyboard as well. I think for a prebuilt keyboard the L80 Formula really stands out and looks like something you would have custom-made yourself.

As I mentioned we did review the A80 Explorer from iQunix earlier this year and there are some differences if you were debating between the two. The biggest difference in my opinion is build quality. The A80 Explorer is heavier and has a more solid build. I’m not sure if they use a different chassis material, but the A80 Explorer feels much more solid. Also the A80 Explorer sits at more of an angle, so when using it I don’t use the pop-out feet at all, but on the L80 Formula I do. The only other difference is the indication LED. On the L80 Formula it is embedded between the G & H keys, while on the A80 Explorer you get a dedicated, diffused LED between the ESC and F1 keys. If I were to choose I would pick the A80 Explorer, but that does not take away from the L80 Formula, it is an excellent keyboard.

With any keyboard having software to reprogram it and set the lighting would have been nice, sadly iQunix does not offer any software for the L80 Formula.

The L80 Formula as we have it configured is selling for $179.99 at our favorite online retailer, which I feel is a fair price for what you are getting. Overall ThinkComputers gives the iQunix L80 Formula Wireless Mechanical Keyboard a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10

– Unique colorway (5 options to choose from)
– 80% compact layout
– Available with Cherry, Gateron and TTC switches
– Can be used wired or wireless (2.4 GHz & Bluetooth)
– USB cable matches the keyboard

– No software

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