iRULU Walknbook 3 Hybrid Tablet PC Review

PackagingFeatured box

Most times you can tell the quality of a product by the way it is packaged. The more the product is worth to the company, the more secure that it is made for shipping. If this concept is an indication of the quality of the iRULU WALKNBOOK W1005 then this is the first indication that the company has put a lot of effort and price in the product. The next 3 pictures show the front, back, and the Box unsealed from the shrink wrap but what is next was really more interesting.

Package 1 plastic covered

Package 2 Plastic covered

Unsealed Box

As we will see through the next sets of photos the intricate packaging and wrapping process of the iRULU made sure you would get the computer damage free. The buyer might start to feel like they are opening one of those Russian Matryoshka nesting dolls. “Matryoshka” was a symbol of Russian motherhood and symbolized the peasant matriarch that strives to keep her many offspring secure and cozy and that is just the way the iRULU WALKNBOOK seems as we begin to unpack it from its amazingly well-wrapped box.

cushion covered open box

Under the cover of cushion

Styro Surround Frame removed

As I continue to peel away sheet after sheet of protective Styrofoam covering I then encountered the top quality Styrofoam frame that surrounds tablet. This high-density Styrofoam is top of the line and I began to feel like a kid at Christmas opening that special gift that Mom had packed so well and the intensity of the opening process began to be more of a surprise as I continued to unwrap even more of the iRULU WALKNBOOK W1005 Hybrid Tablet contents.

Tablet first layer styro covering

Tablet styro packed

Tablet unpack with cover

Stating the obvious the Tablet is not only kept from any shifting during shipping, but the tablet itself is double wrapped in a thick bag then a tightly wrapped spongy covering. iRULU went all but ridiculously overboard to keep this Tablet safe and protected as best as the iRULU people could possibly achieve without encasing it hyperbolic chamber. While some may not care as much for their product because of one thing or the other, this is surely a company that really covets their product that they have conceived and have done everything they could possibly do to keep it safe as in a mother’s arms until it reaches its user.

Tablet back with plastic cover

Tablet in box face up

Back of Tablet in Box

Once the iRULU W1005 Windows Hybrid Tablet in full view there are still some peel away plastic anti-scratch covers to remove. The front peel away cover has instructions on how to proceed with the first charging the battery for a full 8 hours before use. The Tablet was fully charged from the factory but I didn’t want to take any chances with future battery problems and charged battery as instructed. The back cover peels away clean without any residue and was very good for keeping the scratches away during shipping and unboxing.


Power and USB cord

Start up Screen shot

The packaging procedure and materials that are used in the iRULU WalknBook Hybrid Tablet gets our Thinkcomputers.or (BEST Rating) from our staff writer. The caring procedures that went into the iRULU WalknBook takes the fear out of ordering by delivery this Tablet and Accessories package. Newegg also put this box inside another box with airbags surrounding it for a finale to ensure great delivery and a great speed at least for my area in Central Alabama.

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