iRULU Walknbook 3 Hybrid Tablet PC Review


Let us start by saying that a lot of this information is for people that are really into computers and hardware. I will do my level best to bring the overall stats of these test to lay men’s terms so that it will be easier to understand what the charts mean, but first I would like share with you some times of program opening and closing on the iRULU WalknBook Hybrid 1005W.

Open and Close times

Overall the iRULU WalknBook is not a supercomputer at any means. This computer is a tool and it is made for light jobs like Microsoft Office, Video Media Viewing (NETFLIX and Web Streaming), Homework for any student on the go, Audio Entertainment via earbuds and low resolution Videoconferencing and Audio Messaging, due to the 2mp cameras that are mounted on both the front and back of the tablet.

Speccy overview

There is not an Audio Microphone input jack but the built in speaker is pretty sensitive, also if you need to use an external microphone a Bluetooth microphone can be used under those conditions.

Speccy CPU Data

Note: The Intel Processor that is installed on this motherboard is the Z3735F INTEL ATOM Bay Trail-CR. This processor is made specifically for 2GB maximum DDR3 1333L RAM so, the Tablet is not memory starved, it has exactly the maximum of RAM available for this particular processor. For this reason, the Windows 10 HOME 32bit OS is used for more efficient use of the RAM used. Keep in mind, the 32bit operating system is made to run with a maximum of about 3.12 GB’s of total available RAM so the tablet is sufficient to run this version of Windows gracefully depending on your Wi-Fi Capability.

Speccy Ram

The main thing you find here is that the Tablet uses a little over half of the available RAM to run the operating system and devices installed. But if you look there is a Virtual Memory feature that can use any 2.0 USB Memory or Micro SDHC-Card (up to 128GB) so if the 2 GB’s of available memory is not enough to do all the tasks that the user is demanding of it, the device can simply revert to using virtual ram to complete the tasks asked of it. Under our normal testing conditions with one or two tasks running at the same time, this was not a problem. The more Programs you have running at one time the more the iRULU WalknBook has to use any other available ram that is plugged in for heavy workloads, but regular use did not come to this point during or tests.

Note: There was initial lag on the device because Windows Update was running in the background and downloading and installing updates. The lag stopped after the updates were completed.

speccy graphics

First, let us take video to its simplest terms. Currently, there is no gaming or movie content that is more than 24 bits per pixel so 32 bits per pixel is more than enough for entertainment, office or Homework applications. This chart shows that the Working Resolution is 1280 wide by 760 high. When I was watching Netflix with this unit I neither had a problem with the screen resolution or did it look grainy or distorted at any time. I did, however, watch in Landscape mode for a larger picture. Portrait mode showed NetFlix video at 1/4 size in the center of the screen. The overall streaming was smooth and fast with no interruptions, but I was using a fast connection which brings us to the next chart.

Speccy Network

While this Unit boasts a 3G connection for connecting to the Internet via a Cellular signal connection I was not able to detect a device in this test to verify this option. The internet Wi-Fi Connection uses the Realtek RTL8723BS Wireless LAN/Blu-tooth 4.0 SDIO Network unit installed. This Network device has been used by many different companies including ASUS, Dell, and other top companies so it is a device that has been around since 2013 and is still being distributed. This device is made specifically for battery operated devices that need the most speed for the least amount of power to save on battery life. While the tablet can achieve higher speeds it seems to try to use the least amount of power and speed needed to do the task at hand.

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