iRULU Walknbook 3 Hybrid Tablet PC Review

A Closer Look
The iRULU WalknBook combo is currently on sale for $199.99 and for what you get out of the box is a pretty good bargain. Inside you get a full Windows 10 Home Version Tablet with plenty of inputs for USB 2.0, a Micro SD Card reader that can read and write up to 128GB of extra onboard Storage for applications and data and some outputs for headphones and HDMI video output to a Monitor. There are two pretty good speakers on each side that are not studio quality of course, but they are better than my Android unit that I currently use. The sound is louder and more of an of a full sound but sill laptop quality at best. The Snap-in keyboard has also included another USB 2.0 port for a mouse and a full qwerty keyboard with functions settings for an optional number pad mode. The included white USB to Micro-USB link can also be used to charge the Tablet as well and transfer files to and from another computer or to the tablet and back. The power Charger plugs into a standard wall socket and sends a constant 5.0Vdc charge to the Tablet for recharging the internal battery that is internally regulated not to overcharge. Lastly, the instruction manual is basically a start-up guide and information on how everything fits together but it could use more information with it as most computers have.


I currently own an Android 10 inch Samsung Tab 4 so I put them both together to let the reader compare the sizes of the iRULU Hybrid Tablet to another Tablet with the same sized Screen. The weight of the iRULU WalknBook is almost twice that of my android tablet and the screen is just slightly larger but the comparison gives you an idea of the size of the iRULU WalknBook in its purest form.


The back of the iRULU WalknBook is pretty usual as Tablets go with the 2MP camera on the back and the Tablet an ID Number and the Serial Number with the UPC code in plain sight. The edging is done in a matte gray finish with the Grayish black being a lot like semi-gloss black as we have all come to expect. This edition has its the usual abundance of printed information on the material that is make up of Logo, General information on the iRULU company and the voltage and amperage used on the back. There is also a product ID that is specific to the tablet individually and the Serial number and UPC code.

back of Tablet

Getting on with the look at this iRULU WalknBook 3 is the look at how this Tablet communicates and connects with other devices and power points. Here is a clear overview of the left side of the tablet as you look into the screen with the Windows logo at the bottom.

Input-output ports

At the top left corner of the tablet is the power button and the volume control that is a see-saw type of switch that is able to pivot in the center to the right or left and the power button needs to be held down for at least a second for the hibernation to wake or several seconds for it to power up from a shut down and also an 8 to 10 second hold to restart the computer from a freeze.

Volume and Power on-off

Since there are only 32GB’s of on-board RAM I recommend that a Micro-SD Class 10 Card be used for increasing Memory Storage. This upgrade will come in handy and is almost a prerequisite for some of the larger Windows updates. I had to insert an additional 32GB Micro-SD to the WalknBook to get a huge Windows 10 update that didn’t have enough available RAM complete the Full Windows 10 System Update and we can expect the people of Microsoft to continue this quite frequently; so I do suggest getting the largest Micro SD Fast Class memory card (UP TO 128GB Max) that you can afford to enhance the low System RAM of the iRULU WalknBook. Here is an overview of how to add this memory card on this device.

Inserting microSD card

Once the computer is turned on you get an iRULU Splash Screen and then the usual Windows 10 opening screen. I have not found a way to get the computer to rotate screens in my tests and I have learned to set the monitor in the control panel like I would a regular desktop screen. I think this would be the next best thing for iRULU to do in their later models since the Androids and Phones all seem to have the gyroscopic screen function with their units.

Screen shot Splash Screen

Page view

The Laptop feel of this iRULU WalknBook 3 Hybrid Tablet becomes more obvious when you attach the included keyboard attachment. The Keyboard weighs roughly the same as the tablet itself and is made with all the quality you would expect in a laptop of this capacity. First, the way that the iRULU WalknBook connects to the added keyboard is done with some pretty rugged upgrades from the earlier versions of the WalknBook.

Below is a look at the way the Keyboard mounts and interfaces with the tablet. The five pins on the Keyboard are solid and springy with no play and it looks to be gold finished for excellent conductivity. All metal rectangular tabs fit deeply into the tablet and locks into place with two briefcases like latches that are automatically locked on joining the keyboard to the Tablet and the centrally located button pressed down releases those latches to free the tablet on removal.

Interface Keyboard to tablet

Looking down at the business end of the Keyboard is a typical QWERTY Keyboard. Pressing the function keys can give you a temporary Number pad and some additional Magnify Key and disable touch-pad key makes the tablet keyboard the right fit for the iRULU WalknBook 3. The touch-pad is touch sensitive but also lets you press down and click for accuracy or you can do it the old fashioned way of just double tapping the pad to engage the cursor located task. There is a Standard USB 2.0 plug at the top right of the keyboard to add a mouse if you desire but a mouse does not come with the package set.

Keyboard Explained

The bottom of the iRULU WalknBook Keyboard fitted with tough rubber feet and a clean outer look. The Keyboard is toughly built and heavy, but that is not an issue when you consider you need to have weight when you make something tough enough to stand the test of time. This Keyboard is made that way and I have to commend iRULU on that. This whole tablet and keyboard assembly is just shy of 2 kilograms so it is made well but I still would not suggest to drop it on the corners or beat it against a desk in frustration from an undesirable Email from your boss or your teacher.

Rubber feet Keyboard

If you choose not to use the Hybrid Keyboard on the road or in class, there is the on-screen keyboard that can give you the ability to message, comment, text, or write an email if needed.

Tablet Keyboard options

To Summarize this is both a Tablet and a Laptop style computer with two different modes. If you choose it can act just like a laptop or simply switch the computer to Windows Tablet mode and enable screen rotation and it will work just like a tablet complete with “Cortana” Voice commands or on-screen touch keys. The microphone can get tuned to the owners voice and make navigation of programs and communications open and shut in just a few words.

Like most Tablets the built-in G-Sensor can tell the orientation of the tablet and change the view so that the user can read the tablet in vertical or horizontal positions.

This is a very versatile little system that can play in different environments no matter if you are at the desk or on the go.

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