Is My Phone Tapped?

Suspecting that your phone might be tapped and finding out the truth are two different things. However, there are a few signs that can support such suspicions. Often times, these signs can be elusive so knowing what to look out for makes everything easier when trying to determine if your phone is being tapped or not. This article outlines some of the clues worth paying attention to.

1)                  Unusual Phone Behavior

Perhaps you have already witnessed unusual behavior from your phone, but the question is this: is my phone tapped? Odd phone behavior could indicate the presence of spy software apps on your phone. This may range from making random beeping noises to shutting down on itself among other random behavior. It is normal for all phones to exhibit strange things. However, if this happens on a frequent basis, then it can result from other factors. A pulsating static noise can indicate that your phone’s microphone and speaker are active even when the phone is not in use. As a result, any conversation you might have within 6 meters of the phone can be heard.

2)                  Questionable Battery Drain

Some spy apps are known to heighten the power drain of your battery so you should take keen note of abrupt changes in your battery charge cycle. Your phone battery life may suddenly drop with no superficial cause. You may be prompted to charge it twice as much as you used to do. The battery could be dying fast because of the tapping software running in the background. Modern spy software programs have less demand on the battery life to an extent that it becomes extremely difficult to spot.

3)                  Try Shutting Down Your Phone

The shutdown process should never delay if your phone is functioning correctly. Whether the cell phone takes a longer time to shut down or the backlight remains on even after the shutdown, whatever strange action you witness at this point should never be taken lightly. Delayed shutdown could also indicate a minor glitch in the phone’s hardware or software, so you should note the clear differences between the two.

4)                  Receiving Unusual Texts

Having an inbox that is completely out of control calls for concern. If you are constantly receiving text messages with random numbers, characters or symbols then it may be necessary to act swiftly to curb the potential consequences. Perhaps you are not aware of this but the remote-control feature of spy software operates by sending secret coded messages to your phone. These codes can be seen if the software is not functioning properly.

5)                  Increased Data Usage

A sudden upsurge in your normal data usage clearly indicates an anomalous issue. Some spy apps, especially the less reliable ones use additional data to send the information gathered from your phone. Therefore, this is what sudden, unexplained increase in your daily or monthly data usage would indicate. There are tons of apps that you can use to monitor your data usage. The two most notable examples include My Data Manager for Android and Data Usage for iPhone. Just like the battery run down, the best spy software programs have significantly reduced their focus on data usage to a point that it becomes so difficult to notice the same.

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