Learn to play Baccarat

Baccarat is a bit like Black Jack and there are people who claim that Blackjack has emerged from Baccarat casino games. We don’t know what that is, but we can expressly say that Chemin de Fer, which was originally called the game, has been very long and is a popular and entertainment game in the French aristocracy in the 17th century. Today you can find games in a slightly different variant in both online casinos and land casinos. Common names that we often see are Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer and Baccarat. Here with us in the casino network you can learn how the game is organized, how you play and you also get some small tips.

How to Play Baccarat

One thing to do is that this game is one of the easiest to learn and is probably one of the reasons why this game is as popular as it is today and can be found in almost all new online casinos. There are only three possible bets that you can make and this is the following:

1. Bank wins – Payment 1/1 minus 5% commission to the bank
2. Player wins – Payment 1/1
3. Draw – Payment 8/1 or 9/1 depending on the number of decks (8 or 9)

The game starts with you betting your bet on one of the three options above and then dividing the card out. One by one for players and to banks. Two cards are distributed initially and then their denomination determines how the game continues. Card values ​​are as follows; 2 to 9 have the same value as those on the card, 10, J, Q and Kung are worth 0 points and Esset is worth 1 point. You get the total by adding the card that you have allocated and if the value is two digits then it is the right number calculated.

If a player, or bank, receives a total score of 8 or 9 on two cards, it counts as “natural” and one wins directly unless it’s a draw. If nothing gets “natural” then you consult with the drawing table for how the game must proceed first according to the rules of the player and then the bank.

Player Regulations – If a player has a total value between 0 and 5, the third card will be withdrawn. If the player has 6 or 7 then nothing is short drawn.

Bank rules – If the player does not withdraw the third card then the bank rules are identical to the player. You stay at 6 or 7 and take the third card 0 – 5.

If the player, on the other hand, has withdrawn the third card then there is a slightly more complicated rule that applies to the bank:

– If the third player’s card is number 2 or 3: The bank withdraws if the value is 0 – 4 and stays with 5-7
– If the cards of the three players are 4 or 5: The bank draws a value of 0 – 5 and stays on the value 6-7
– If the cards of the three players are 6 or 7: The bank withdraws if the value is 0 – 6 and stops if the value is 7
– If the third player’s card is the 8th card: The bank withdraws if the value is 0 – 2 and stays in number 3 – 7
– If the cards of the three players are Ace, 9, 10 or dress cards: The bank withdraws if the value is 0 – 3 and remains in the value 4 – 7

The bank distributes cards according to the rules above and then calculates the total points. The person with the highest total score is also the person who wins, or it becomes a series.

Tips for those who want to play Baccarat

If you choose to play on a player card, which is yourself, the house has a 1.24% advantage that is quite low. If your hand wins, you get back your bet and also make a big profit. If you bet that the bank will win, the house profit is very low, 1.06% instead. A little less profit because the bank always receives a commission of 5% of your profit if you win. Play draw only for brave! Here the bank has a full 14.4% profit if the profit is 8/1 and 4.85% if 9/1.

– Don’t bet on a draw, chances are against you!
– Bet on the bank to win is the most profitable even though they take 5% commission from profits!
– This game is so fast that the bankroll can quickly run out if you have bad luck. Play with bonuses to get more money in your game account.

Even though the rules look rather strange for how cards are distributed, it is a very simple game. Dealers are people who maintain the order of the game and if you choose to play online, it is a computer that does work on a digital table. Try playing with demo money on, for example on onlinecasinodeutschland.com.de.

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