iStorage cloudAshur Cloud Encryption Module Review

cloudAshur Remote Management

iStorage also offers their Remote Management app. This also is not free and costs per device that you want to use with it. Pricing is per year and per device.

cloudashur remote

So going through the checkout process again we have six devices at $129, 5 keys for KeyWriter (to clone our key), and then 6 managed devices under the Management App, we are looking at $994.34.

cloudashur remote prices

iStorage did send along a license for their Remote Management software so we were able to check it out. It allows us to see the devices we have online and so much more.

cloudashur manage app 1

Going into our Online Devices we can see which devices are currently online and we can even see their location, which is pretty cool!

cloudashur manage app 2 cloudashur manage app 3

Moving down into the settings you have quite a lot you can do. You can limit the number of login attempts for the user, turn on file name encryption, setup IP fencing, blacklist files or applications, and set certain restrictions such as allows times and allowed locations.

cloudashur manage app 4 cloudashur manage app 5 cloudashur manage app 6 cloudashur manage app 7

You can also see logs and user activity in the logs section.

cloudashur manage app 8

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