iStorage cloudAshur Cloud Encryption Module Review

cloudAshur KeyWriter

iStorage has their KeyWriter app which basically allows you to clone your CloudAshur Encryption module to another one. This is great if you are collaborating on something in the cloud. This way you can have everyone share a cloud folder and use different encryption modules to access the files. The KeyWriter app copies all critical security parameters including the randomly generated encryption key and all PINs between the Master cloudAshur module and as many secondary cloudAshur modules as required.

cloudashur keywriter

The KeyWriter app is not free and you have to pay per the number of devices you plan on using. Prices start at $9.95 per device so say we wanted to clone our cloudAshur module to five other modules it would cost us $49.75 and it appear there is a VAT on that as well so our total comes to $64.70 just to clone the device. That does not include the devices themselves, which are $129 each. So six devices at $129 plus the 5 keys we need for the KeyWriter we are looking at $838.70.

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