Leaked Benchmark Scores Show Lenovo Ideapad Laptop With AMD Ryzen AI 9 365 “Strix” APU Is 9% Faster Than Ryzen 9 8945HS

Lenovo’s upcoming Ideapad laptop, featuring AMD’s Ryzen AI 9 365 “Strix” APU, has been tested and found to be 9% faster than the Ryzen 9 8945HS.

AMD’s Ryzen AI 300 “Strix Point” APUs have been appearing in various laptops, and a new leak reveals one within a Lenovo Ideapad laptop. This laptop, identified in Geekbench benchmarks, is equipped with 32 GB of LPDDR5x memory. The specific model is titled “LENOVO 83HN,” and the motherboard model (LNVNB161216) suggests it is an Ideapad SKU.

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The AMD Ryzen AI 9 365 “Strix Point” APU is a 10-core, 20-thread processor with a boost clock of up to 5.0 GHz, 34 MB of cache, and a Radeon 880M integrated GPU featuring 12 compute units or 768 cores. This chip includes four Zen 5 and six Zen 5C cores and boasts XDNA 2 hardware capable of delivering up to 50 TOPS of AI performance. The AMD Ryzen AI 300 APUs have a power range that scales from 15W to 54W.

Regarding performance, the AMD Ryzen AI 9 365 APU scored 2544 points in the single-core test and 12,745 points in the multi-core test. These results were obtained using the Balanced mode profile within the operating system. Notably, the chip did not exceed 4.5 GHz during the test, suggesting that either this Lenovo laptop is using an early sample or it still requires tuning.

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The performance figures show a 7% increase in single-core and a 9% increase in multi-core scores compared to the Ryzen 9 8945HS. While these gains are respectable, the AMD Ryzen AI 9 365 is expected to achieve even higher performance when operating at its full potential. Additionally, the TDP will significantly influence performance; if these tests were conducted at a low TDP within the 15-28W range, the scores are promising. However, we anticipate that reaching the full 5 GHz boost clock will deliver double-digit performance gains.

Nevertheless, it’s promising to see another laptop manufacturer unveil its next-generation laptops featuring the AMD Ryzen AI 300 “Strix Point” family. So far, ASUS and Acer have appeared in benchmarks, with Lenovo joining today. As we approach the scheduled launch on July 28th, we anticipate more laptops to surface in the coming days.

Source: Benchleaks