Lenovo ThinkStation S30 Workstation Review

Workstations and business related products are not normally what we cover here at ThinkComputers.  We are more consumer and enthusiast based, but our friends at Lenovo asked us if we would take a look at their latest workstation system the ThinkStation S30.  We decided why not since we never cover things like this and who knows many some of you reading this review might pick up a few of these for your office.  The ThinkStation S30 we are taking a look at today features an Intel Xeon E5-1620 Sandy Bridge processor, NVIDIA Quadro 2000 graphics, 8GB of DDR3-1333 memory, and two Seagate 500GB 7200 RPM drives in a RAID 0 setup.  Let’s see what the S30 is all about!

Special thanks to Lenovo for providing us with the ThinkStation S30 Workstation to review.

From Lenovo
The Lenovo ThinkStation S30 is the essential workstation for professionals who want both value and performance – from 2D and 3D digital content creators and users of mid-range CAD and EDA applications, to finance and medical professionals. And, Windows® 7 Professional OS, is standard on all Lenovo ThinkStation models. The S30 comes with the latest Xeon® processor technology with faster memory performance (up to 1600 MHz), while supporting powerful discrete graphic solutions from NVIDIA, including Maximus with Quadro and Tesla configurations.

The S30 also features USB 3.0 support for faster transfer rates, and now can support up to 128GB of memory. This powerful combination makes the S30 the ideal mid-range workstation solution for users across a variety of industries. It’s also fully certified for top ISV applications to optimize performance.

The ThinkStation S30 comes in a large retail box.  There is not that much information on the box, but when you open it you will find the S30 nicely packaged and protected.  Inside you will also find a user’s guide, mouse, keyboard and power cable.  You can customize your system to come with many different Lenovo accessories.

Lenovo ThinkStation S30 Workstation Lenovo ThinkStation S30 Workstation

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