LEPA NEOllusion RGB CPU Cooler Review

Final Thoughts
As I said in the introduction of this review it is about time we have an RGB CPU cooler. While this one is the first one to make it to market, there are others out there now. The CPU cooler seemed like the last piece of hardware inside our PC to get the RGB treatment and we like it. LEPA’s implementation of RGB LEDs on the NEOIllusion is two large LED bars on each side of the cooler and the light-up logo on the top of the cooler. You can easily control the LEDs with the included remote. The LEDs do light up your case quite well and just give it that extra bling you can show off at a LAN party.

Being that these RGB’s are in a closed loop and controlled with a remote that are not compatible with other RGB LED strips, RGB fans, or RGB LEDs on your motherboard. This is something I think we will eventually see in the future with RGB CPU coolers. Another thing I think we will see in the future is software control for the LEDs and more complex lighting effects. Much like how RGB backlighting on our keyboards has advanced over the past few years.

Sadly LEPA did not implement RGB LEDs on a very high performance CPU cooler. When it comes to performance the NEOIllusion is average at best. You can’t expect that much based on the thin heatsink and single 120 mm cooling fan. If you plan on running your system at stock speeds and aren’t really going to be doing anything intensive the NEOIllusion will do the job, but if you plan on pushing your system the NEOIllusion will fall short. I would hope in the future LEPA releases RGB CPU coolers that have better thermal performance.

Currently you can pick up the NEOIllusion at our favorite online retailer for $59.99. Considering its performance I feel that is a little high, even with the RGB LEDs. Overall ThinkComputers gives the LEPA NEOllusion RGB CPU Cooler a 7 out of 10 score.

rating7 10

– Controllable RGB LEDs
– Quiet operation
– Easy to install
– No clearance issues

– Price
– Poor thermal performance
– LEDs can’t be synced with other RGB LEDs

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