Lian Li Strimer Plus V2 ARGB Extension Cables Review

Final Thoughts

With pretty much every component we are buying these days having some type of RGB lighting on it, it was only a matter of time before we saw cables like these emerge. I really like Lian Li’s implementation here too, I’ve seen some similar cables that are just sloppy. Their cables are very sleek and well built. It is also nice that with the 24-pin cable you get a controller that allows you to use Lian Li’s L-Connect 3 software to change effects, colors, and more. You really can customize these cables to your liking, down to making each individual string a different color / effect.

The cables are very easy to get up and running, even if you are a first time builder. I also like that these cables are not necessarily proprietary. While the 24-pin kit comes with a controller, all of the other cables will come with an adapter cable that takes their proprietary connection and turns it into a standard 3-pin ARB signal that you can connect to your motherboard’s ARGB header or into another controller.

Lian Li Strimer Plus V2 ARGB Extension Cables

If you are really trying to make your PC build stand out these are a must! One they are extremely bright, but on top of that with the customization you can really have them match the rest of the lighting and color-design in your system! Besides the 24-pin and dual 8-pin cables we showed you here today, Lian Li also offers a triple 8-pin, triple 8-pin to 12VHPWR, and a straight 12VHPWR cable. Right now you can pick up the 24-pin cable from our favorite online retailer for $62.90, while the dual 8-pin cable is going for $41.90. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Lian Li Strimer Plus V2 ARGB Extension Cables a 10 out of 10 score.

rating10 10

– Looks amazing
– Easy setup
– 24-pin cable comes with controller
– Not proprietary
– Software control with L-Connect 3

– None that I found

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