LUXA2 H1 and H5 Mobile Mounts Review

Use & Opinion
Using the H1 is ridiculously easy. Put it on a flat surface, plop your mobile device into it and away you go. You can flip, rotate and move to your heart’s content. One thing that is a bit odd, the product is designed for use with the Luxa2 logo facing towards you. However, it makes the most sense to me to keep it like an iMac. Not only does this properly balance the weight of the mount and the device, but it also allows you to better hide the cable if you are charging the device.

LUXA2 H1 and H5 Mobile Mounts LUXA2 H1 and H5 Mobile Mounts LUXA2 H1 and H5 Mobile Mounts LUXA2 H1 and H5 Mobile Mounts LUXA2 H1 and H5 Mobile Mounts

Who needs a mount on their desk? Really? “It’s stupid”, was my first thought. Then I put my phone into the mount and realized it is pretty cool. I was able to easily see texts, emails, and other notifications without having to do the whole “where’s my phone” or try to reach for my phone before the screen went dim. It is also quite easy to type on the phone when it is in the mount and I almost prefer it to holding the phone and typing.

Moving along to the H5, it is really powerful and easy to use. Everyone loathes suction cups. Wet them, press firmly to stick, only to watch it lose suction and fall off minutes later. I haven’t used a suction cup in years because of that reason. Someone along the way has solved the dilemma and Luxa2 has implemented a valid solution. Use a lever with levels in order to lock it in. As you move the lever down, the middle of the suction cup is pulled in while the outside is pushed out. The result is really strong suction without having to wet it or do any other tricks. To take it off, simply pull back on the lever, it releases from the levels and boom, it’s loose.

LUXA2 H1 and H5 Mobile Mounts LUXA2 H1 and H5 Mobile Mounts LUXA2 H1 and H5 Mobile Mounts

Having the H5 affixed to my windshield brought a new dimension to having a phone in my car. I had VEVOTV playing while stuck in traffic and if I needed directions, it was awesome to have a GPS right there. Since my car supports Bluetooth Stereo the whole setup was really slick and rewarding. But again, I could live without it. It would be nicer if it were just built into my car, but as we all know, once you start driving, all video features stop that could distract the driver. This allows you to skirt around that little ‘regulation’. It could also be useful if you have kids in the car that would like to watch a video. The H5 could easily stick to a backseat passenger’s window, providing hours of entertainment for anyone in the back seat.

LUXA2 H1 and H5 Mobile Mounts LUXA2 H1 and H5 Mobile Mounts

The other frustrating thing about the H5 is the non adjustable position of the pegs. For instance, top right peg comes into contact with the volume control on my HTC 8X. So I couldn’t make it too tight or it’d just hold down the button the entire time. This is more reason to re-design the mount to have something across the face or some extra pegs at the top that you could slightly angle to hold onto the device. In comparison, the mount’s right peg fits comfortably between the volume buttons on an iPhone 4S.

It’d be nice if H1 and H5 had some extra pegs on the top of the mount. While driving with the windows down, I was deathly afraid that I could hit a terrible pothole only to have my phone pop loose from H5’s grip and go flying right out of the window. So I started driving with the windows up which isn’t really my style. Also if you have a larger phone like the iPhone 5 or 5s, it will sit in the H1 with nothing to secure the top. So when you go to tap on an icon near the top of the screen, the phone could be pushed out of the mount. Not too far, but far enough to require a positioning readjustment.