M1X MacBook Pro Will Be Priced More Than The Current Generation MacBook

Although Apple used the same M1 chip for a variety of its MacBook models. Still, there were performance differences among different models. Luckily, a leaksterclaims that this will not be the case with M1X based MacBook Pro models. The bad news is that they will come with a price hike.

MacBook Pro

A Twitter user/leakster, dylandkt, recently tweeted that M1X MacBook Pro’s 14 and 16-inch variants will have the same performance. Since the variants will share the same processor, the performance should be the same unless Apple has some other plans. The current 16-inch MacBook Pro has Intel’s high end chip with better thermals than the 13-inch variant. The 13-inch Mac is great for people looking for a compact device without compromising on performance. However, the M1X MacBook Pro might see a price increase, according to the leakster.

As mentioned before, the leakster clarifies that M1X MacBook Pro’s 14-inch will witness a price hike compared to the current 13-inch model.

M1X MacBook Pro 1030x515 1

The Intel-based 13-inch MacBook is priced at $1,799, while the 16-inch MacBook Pro’s base variant has a price tag of $2,399. Considering that the 16-inch M1X MacBook Pro model will have the same price, it can be assumed that the 14-inch MacBook Pro will be priced around $2000.

The news can probably be true as the leakster, Dylandkt, has a solid reputation for predicting accurate leaks. In other news, Apple might have plans to launch the M1X Mac mini with additional ports alongside the MacBooks.

Via Twitter