Mac Shipments Grown by 35% In The U.S

A technology market analysis firm, Canalys, recently issued some estimates for US Mac shipments during Q1 2021.

The good news is Apple has witnessed a mind-boggling 35.7% year-on-year growth. The reason is the large number of people shifting to remote learning or working from home during the pandemic and are capable of spending large amounts on the latest hardware.

macbook pro 13 og 202005

Canalys’s analysis showed strong growth in both the PC and tablet markets as they state:

The PC market in the United States grew 73% year on year in Q1 2021, with total shipments of desktops, notebooks, tablets and workstations exceeding 34 million units. Notebooks and tablets led the way with impressive growth, while desktops lagged amid weak demand during the pandemic. Notebook shipments grew by 131% year on year, driven by order backlogs and continued demand to support remote work and education. Meanwhile, tablets performed well, with 52% growth and 11 million units shipped as demand spilled over from the Q4 holiday period.”

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On the other hand, the bad news is Apple’s market share has dropped down to 19.5% from 25% in Q1 2020. The fall indicates that consumers are willing to invest money in other PC brands. Moreover, out of every 5 people, only one chose the Mac.

As per Canalys, there are reasons why the U.S. Mac and PC shipments will remain stable. The first and foremost are the supply constraints. This means there are demands which need to be fulfilled and relevant action is being taken to deal with the shortage.

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Then we have the White House’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan that will boost public spending, including PCs and Macs. Lastly, many companies still have no plans to completely return to offices hence demand laptops and PCs will sustain.