Microsoft Will Fix AMD Ryzen CPU’s L3 Latency Performance Issue Through Windows 11 Update on October 19th

It was recently revealed that AMD’s Zen-based chips had shown some problems on Windows 11.  A few issues were identified by AMD. One problem was associated with the (L3) cache latency that affected games and different latency-sensitive apps. The second issue pertained to Collaborative Processor Performance Control (CPPC). Basically, the most efficient CPU core was not organized appropriately when required.

AMD Ryzen CPUs 5 Year Celebration

The problem was mainly observed on Zen+ and newer which are officially supported AMD processors, which signifies that the performance issues weren’t the result of anything like Virtualization-based Security (VBS). VBS is considered to be the culprit of problems associated with 1st gen Zen processors.

Both AMD and Microsoft have now announced that patches for these 2 problems are going to come out this month. Recently Wccftech has obtained information related to the purported launch dates. They have claimed that both the issues have been settled and the patches will start rolling out within 7 days.

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Moreover, Wccftech revealed that an update for Windows 11, landing this week, would resolve the L3 cache latency problem and the UEFI CPPC2 patch will also be readily available a few days after that.

The CPPC issue has been resolved. The AMD driver power profile is in the release process and targeted for GA release on 10/21. If it is needed before GA, AMD can share the driver directly with customers upon request.
‒ The L3 cache latency issue has been resolved by Microsoft. Microsoft plans to release the fix in their 10C Windows Update which is targeted for 10/19.”


Via Wccftech