MSI Finally Listens To Its Community; MAG QD-OLED Monitors To Get Firmware Updates After All

MSI has announced that it will now provide firmware updates for its MAG QD-OLED monitors in response to community feedback. Initially, MSI had indicated that firmware updates were not planned for the MAG monitor variants, prioritizing models like the MPG and MEG series due to their pricing and relevance.

MSI has reversed its decision and plans to release new firmware updates soon for two of its MAG variants, specifically the MAG 271QPX and the MAG 321UPX, as detailed in a Reddit post by the company’s product manager.
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According to TFTCentral, the firmware update process is somewhat complicated. European consumers can rest assured as their market stock already includes the latest firmware version, eliminating the need for updates. However, consumers in regions such as the US, Asia, and the Indo-Pacific may need to manually adjust their monitors, as they were shipped with older firmware versions.

No need to worry. If your MAG 271QPX is on FW.011 or earlier, or your MAG 321UPX is on FW.014 or earlier, you’ll need to visit the nearest MSI service center as these firmware updates cannot be applied directly by consumers. MSI anticipates releasing the new firmware versions by mid-July, which will include various optimizations and bug fixes essential for all users to install.
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For those interested in how MSI installs the new firmware, the company uses the onboard DisplayPort due to the absence of USB Type-A or Type-B connections on the MAG models, unlike their higher-end counterparts. MSI has provided a utility tool for the flashing process, but we strongly advise average consumers to seek professional assistance, as a misstep could result in significant expenses.

It’s great to see MSI respond to MAG model consumers who have invested significantly in their monitors. Credit goes to the community for playing a role in persuading MSI to in take action.

Via TFT Central