MSI’s Console-Like Trident S Mini PC Leaked

MSI will soon make the dream of every gamer come true by introducing the MAG Trident S. The PC teased in 2021 at CES is perfect for mobile gaming, the cloud and delivers up to 4K 120 Hz.

The mini PC design appeared in a dual-tone aluminum and black color. It has separate chambers for the mainboard and power supply for efficient cooling.

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The final design will feature the 5700G Ryzen 7, which is octa-core and is based on Zen 3 architecture with 16 threads.
This will make it possible for the users to configure the AM4 socket. Upgradation of memory, storage, and CPU is also possible but owing to its compact design which is optimally made to cool 65W APU, it is recommended that you opt for this specific configuration.

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A large aluminum fin stack is available for cooling purposes. It has three copper heat pipes and includes a blower fan to throw exhaust air out from the back.

MSI will use Vega 8 GPU for their Trident S. The reason behind this is due to limited storage capacity. Having a discrete Graphics Processing Unit inside nullifies the whole purpose of owning the Trident S. It is designed for mobile gamers and as a cloud solution. Vega can provide great performance in eSports. Moreover, it can also efficiently handle the latest games from cloud-streaming games at 4K resolution from services like Xbox.

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Another admirable feature of MAG Trident S is its refresh rate and native resolution. It offers a 120 Hz refresh rate along with a 4K resolution. On top of that, users can also use AMD’s FSR while gaming on the machine. The MSI App Player will make a perfect partner with the Trident S Mini PC with up to 240 FPS support and Bluestack feature. The App Player can also run numerous mobile games at once at full resolution, and you can also use any kind of peripheral virtually to the game including controller, keyboard, and mouse when plugged into a full-sized TV or a gaming display.