MYNT Bluetooth Tracker Review

MYNT Overview
The MYNT Tracker is a very small device, its official dimensions are 2.0in x 1.0in x 0.125in (LxWxH). Being this small it can easily fit into a wallet, pocket in a laptop bag, etc. It also includes a lanyard and keyring so if you want to use it on your keys you can. On the front of the device it says MYNT and right in the center there is a small button and LED indicator.

MYNT Bluetooth Tracker

Before you get started with the MYNT tracker you need to remove the plastic insulation sheet where the battery is. It is pretty easy to remove. There already is one battery inside the MYNT and another is included. For those wondering these are CR2020 batteries, a 5-pack of these is around $10 on Amazon.

MYNT Bluetooth Tracker

Getting MYNT Setup
To get started with the MYNT tracker you’ll need to download the MYNT app. Once downloaded tap the “+” button to add a new device. You actually get the choice of all three trackers that MYNT offers, but we will be choosing the normal MYNT. Now place the MYNT close to your phone and then when prompted press the MYNT icon on your screen to connect it.

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Once connected you will be prompted to add the MYNT. You can choose a name / icon for it from a list. Then you can select the loss prevention settings. Phone alarm will ring your phone when the MYNT gets out of range. MYNT alarm will ring the MYNT when it gets out of range of your phone. Sensitivity is how often the MYNT pings your phone. Once you confirm your settings you are run through a tutorial how to ring the MYNT as well as ring your phone.

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Now you will see your MYNT listed in the main section of the app. If you have multiple MYNT’s they will be listed here as well. When you select your MYNT it lets you know if it is close or not, which is always good to know. You have the option to ring your MYNT, see it on the map, or change the loss prevention settings.

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Finally you can enable or disable the remote control functions. There are functions for various different things like your camera, music and more.

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