MYNT Bluetooth Tracker Review

Usage & Final Thoughts
So I’ve been using the MYNT Bluetooth Tracker for the past month and it has made it very easy for me to keep track of my belongings. On top of that if I ever misplace my phone I know I can easily ring it with the MYNT tracker.

The ring on the MYNT is definitely audible in a quiet room, but it is not as loud as the ring on the Tile Sport we reviewed recently.

MYNT Bluetooth Tracker

If you misplace something all the time the MYNT tracker is a no-brainer as it is going to eliminate looking around for it. If you are traveling a lot the MYNT tracker is a great thing to have. You’ll always know where your wallet, keys, backpack, etc are. And if you are worrying about someone stealing your items the MYNT has loss prevention built it. You can have the MYNT ring your phone when it loses connection, have the MYNT ring when it loses connection or both! On top of that if your item with MYNT is lost or stolen you can report it lost and it can be found by the MYNT community. Each phone with MYNT app installed can detect a MYNT within 150 feet. Although there is no data on how many MYNT users are in my area.

The MYNT tracker has two things that others do not. The first is a removable battery. Other Bluetooth trackers pretty much become dead technology after a year, but with MYNT you can easily replace the battery. And there is an extra battery that comes with the MYNT tracker as well.

The second is the ability to be a remove for your smartphone. You can use it to be a shutter button for the camera, for presentations, and to control music. I think most people will really take advantage of the remote for their camera.

Right now you can pick up the MYNT Bluetooth tracker for $16.49 at our favorite online retailer. That price is pretty great compared to other trackers out there. Overall ThinkComputers gives the MYNT Bluetooth Tracker a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10

– Price
– Removable battery
– Easy to setup & use
– Loss prevention measures
– Remote feature

– Not as loud as other trackers we’ve tested
– No data on number of MYNT users in our area

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