New Report Suggests Nintendo Switch 2 May Be Unveiled This Month With 512 GB of Internal Storage And 8-Inch LCD Screen

As per a recent online report, the successor to the Nintendo Switch could be unveiled as early as later this month.

Startmenu received information from unspecified sources stating that Nintendo intends to unveil its next gaming hardware at this year’s Gamescom event in Cologne, Germany, taking place from August 23rd to August 27th. The details were received last month, but they decided to share it now after finding alignment with other recent reports about Nintendo’s upcoming console.

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Although we need to be cautious about the information shared today, there are some indications pointing to the possibility of Nintendo unveiling the successor to the Nintendo Switch at Gamescom. Notably, Nintendo’s return to the European event after a few years suggests they might take this opportunity to showcase what lies ahead beyond the upcoming games for the current Switch in the coming months.

During his recent podcast, Nate the Hate, known for accurately revealing video game information before official announcements in the past, shared some fresh details about Nintendo’s new console.

During his discussion, Nate the Hate disclosed information about the Nintendo Switch 2 specifications. According to his sources, the new console is expected to come with an 8-inch LCD screen, a notable size increase from the standard Switch’s 6.2-inch screen and OLED model’s 7-inch screen. Additionally, there were discussions about a significant boost in internal storage, potentially offering up to 512 GB, surpassing the storage capacities of both the standard Switch and the OLED model.

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While the console may actually not be revealed this month, the Nintendo Switch unveiling seems to be on the horizon, based on recent reports. As devkits have reportedly been sent to various developers, it’s highly probable that we’ll receive more information about the console in the coming days. Rest assured, we’ll keep you informed as soon as any updates emerge, so stay tuned for the latest news.

Via Startmenu, Nate the Hate