New USB-C Spec Will Offer 240W Charging For Gaming Laptops

The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) has announced version 2.1 of its USB-C specification. The new version is capable of providing more than double the power delivery capacity in comparison to its standard form. The standard USB-C used in thin-and-light notebooks is capable of 100W charging, which isn’t suitable for gaming laptops with dedicated graphics cards that require much more power. This is where version 2.1 saves the day, which can deliver up to 240W and may be used in gaming laptops soon.

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CNET states that the 240W delivery feature in the V 2.1 is referred to as Extended Power Range (EPR). The EPR USB-C cables will have additional requirements to accommodate their higher power delivery capacity. The cable will also have specific icons to help users visually confirm that the cable supports up to 240W power delivery. Android Central also states that the manufacturer will follow new specifications for EPR based USB-C cables to avoid connector constraints and possible issues which can be caused due to the much higher voltages provided by the wires.

Type-C Cable SXFI Gamer

We don’t know when we can expect devices with the new USB-C, but the cable itself is expected to arrive in the market by the end of 2021 or at the start of 2022. One interesting fact is that USB-IF has developed new specifications in collaboration with major manufacturers like Qualcomm, Samsung, Intel, Lenovo, LG. This means we can expect devices with the new P.D feature.

Via Xda-Developers