Next Apple Silicon Mac Will Feature a 12-Core Chip

Apple released its 5nm 8-core M1 chip in 2020, so it is obvious that Apple’s upcoming chips will feature a higher core count. Various sources talked about the 12-core Apple Silicon Mac, but the product never became a reality. Fortunately, a tipster has a strong belief that a new powerhouse Mac is expected to launch in March.

16 inch MacBook Pro teardown 3 1030x702 1

LeaksApplePro is the one to discuss the potential release of a brand new Apple Silicon Mac, but they haven’t said anything except the number of cores. As per a report from Ming-Chi Kuo, redesigned MacBook Pro models featuring display sizes of 14.1 inches and 16 inches will arrive in Q2, 2021; both the models will feature Apple’s custom silicon.

The redesigned 16-inch MacBook Pro will feature a 16-core processor, and the 14-inch variant will feature a 12 core processor. It is sensible to house a 16-core processor in the 16-inch Mac as it will have space to install a powerful cooling system. Unfortunately, the tipster didn’t give any details regarding a name, but a report states that the M2 silicon will be released in 2021, but it will be for Apple’s redesigned iMac line.

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On the other hand, a different report states that a desktop-class 5nm A14T chip is under development for the new iMac.

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