Only Nintendo Switch 2 With Cartridge Slot To Support Backwards Compatibility

Rumors about the Nintendo Switch 2 were recently discussed on a new XboxEra podcast, where “Shpeshal Nick” (Nick Baker) shared the latest information, which seems to be a combination of information from his sources, rumors, and admitted assumptions. After these details gained attention on Reddit, Baker clarified that his source wasn’t entirely certain, so it’s advisable to take this particular Switch 2 rumor with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, it appears to be more credible than a recent claim suggesting that a Nintendo Switch 2 unveiling would occur this week.

Summarizing, Baker mentioned that he received information about the Nintendo Switch 2, suggesting it might have a setup similar to Sony’s PlayStation lineup, with at least two different versions, akin to the physical media PlayStation 5 and digital media PS5. Another recent rumor also supported the idea of both a digital and a physical version of the Switch 2, lending further credibility to this notion. However, Baker also noted that there was a plan to provide backward compatibility on only one of these variants.

nintendo switch 2

The reasonable conjecture presented by the podcast hosts is that a digital Nintendo Switch 2 might omit backward compatibility to justify a lower price. In contrast, the pricier physical Nintendo Switch 2 would emphasize its unique selling points of cartridge support and backward compatibility, possibly prompting gamers to invest more in features that were not as highly valued in past console generations.