Only One Person Purchased GeForce RTX 4060 Series GPU At Launch In Japan

Once again, the NVIDIA RTX 4060 non-Ti launch in Japan turned out to be disappointing, resembling the previous RTX 4060 Ti launch in May. Contrary to staged photographs or scenes from Japanese manga, this event was an actual occurrence. In the bustling Akihabara shopping hub, where PC hardware chains thrive, only a single individual turned up to acquire the RTX 4060 on its release day. Typically, in Japan, the sale embargo lifts late in the day, around 10 PM, and it has been customary to witness long queues of eager gamers anticipating the opportunity to become the first owners of the latest graphics cards.

IMG 6215

In the span of a year, there have been significant changes. Currently, there are no supply issues with any graphics card, and gamers can effortlessly order their desired cards online, just as they have been accustomed to. Consequently, even though the RTX 4060 series may not be a popular choice among users, the majority will opt to purchase these cards through online channels.

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The individual who arrived to purchase the RTX 4060 is making a long-overdue upgrade from their GTX 1060, which suggests it could be a significantly superior upgrade path, especially when compared to the RTX 2060/3060 series (with a particular emphasis on the latter). Upon examining additional photographs, it becomes apparent that other stores in the bustling Tokyo district didn’t even bother to open, as there was no one waiting outside.