Radeon RX 7900 HellHound Series Teased By PowerColor

With the Radeon 7900 Devil series officially confirmed, AMD is hinting at releasing its first flagship Hellhound graphics cards. Although PowerColor doesn’t mention the new SKU, the design shown below is unquestionably not employed by any existing Hellhound graphics card.

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However, PowerColor has never before released a Hellhound GPU from either the x800 or x900 family. So far, the most powerful Hellhound model has been built on Navi 22, also known as Radeon RX 6700 XT. With a completely redesigned backplate design and a new capacitor configuration, unusual for any Radeon RX 6000 model, this card stands apart from the RDNA2 variant.

Surprisingly, it retains the dual 8-pin power ports seen on the 6700 XT SKU. There are three fans, which can be lit by a brilliant blue light—a signature of all Hellhound GPUs, although other models include a white cooler shroud and pink fans (aka Hellhound Spectral).

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The card is also integrated with an LED switch, so individuals who prefer stealthier designs may easily disable the LEDs. A dual-BIOS switch should also be noticeable closer to the I/O bracket, although this is a standard feature for practically all high-end PowerColor GPUs.

The AMD Radeon 7900 series is scheduled for release on December 13. The company unveiled two models: the 7900 XTX and the 7900 XT, both of which would be available on the same day. It is still being determined whether the card PowerColor teased is the complete Navi 31 or a scaled-down version.

Via PowerColor