Reeven Justice II CPU Cooler Review

Final Thoughts

The Reeven Justice II is a nice upgrade over the original version and does everything that it is supposed to do. It kept our Ryzen 7 2700X nice a cool during both idle and load tests. Installation is a breeze and the included instructions are easy to follow. The fan is very quiet, even during load. And overall the cooler will look good in your build.

There really is not much bad to say about this cooler. Starting with cooling power this cooler sits right in the middle of our test group, which is not bad at all. During full load it kept our Ryzen 7 2700X at 57.38C, which is far below the thermal throttling limit. On top of doing a great job with cooling the fan is very quiet. You are barely going to hear it if you have it installed in a case.

We’ve seen some pretty bad mounting systems over the years when it comes to air coolers, but Reeven’s implementation with the Justice II is not really complicated at all and as I mentioned the instructions are easy to follow. Reeven has also ensured that you won’t run into any clearance issues with this cooler as even with the fan installed you are not overlapping your RAM slots.

The Justice II is selling at our favorite online retailer for $49.99, which is not a horrible price, but the Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition is a full $10 cheaper and you get an RGB fan with that cooler. So that is something to think about. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Reeven Justice II CPU Cooler a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10

– Nice upgrades over the original
– Good overall performance
– Very quiet fan
– Easy installation
– No clearance issues

– Other coolers priced lower that perform better

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