Roccat Cross Gaming Headset Review

Roccat Cross Gaming Headset Overview

Right out of the box, the first thing we noticed about the Roccat Cross was how lightweight it is. At just 185 grams, it is well below our HyperX Cloud Stinger, which weighs in at 275 grams, and has a similar feature set. The lack of heft from the Cross is due to the mostly plastic build of the headset. The only metal we found on the headset were the two brushed metal headband extensions and a few screws.

Roccat Cross Headset1

Aside from the brushed metal strap extensions, the Cross is all black. The left earcup exterior has a small reflective Roccat nameplate, while the right earcup sports a Roccat logo in the same reflective black style. Barely visible on the rear of the left earcup is a volume dial that is much smaller than we would have liked to find.

Roccat Cross Side

The Cross is not a lay-flat design, but the earcups do swivel in both directions a small amount in order to fit a wide variety of head shapes and sizes. The earcups also tilt in and out for additional comfort.

Roccat Cross Headset2

Speaking of comfort, the earcup padding is a memory foam material covered in a faux leather material found on many other headsets. Since the Cross is an over-ear headset, the internal padding of the earcups becomes a bit more important, and is comprised of an open-cell foam padding that is very comfortable. The headband padding covers the full arch of the headset, and is covered in the same leatherette material as found on the earcups.

Roccat Cross Headset4

Inside the earcups are 50mm drivers powered by Neodymium magnets. So while you won’t get any multi-channel audio, outside of stereo, the large drivers are rated to produce the standard 20-20,000Hz range of frequencies.

A 3.5mm audio port is found at the bottom of the left earcup, and is used to connect one of two included audio cables. Since the Cross was designed to work with a multitude of devices from PCs to smartphones and gaming consoles, Roccat provided two options for device connectivity.

Roccat Cross Headset3

A 2.35m cable with a braided sheath is available for use on a PC, and has both headset and microphone 3.5mm plugs for connecting to a computer. A slider switch for microphone muting is located on the cable for easy access. The microphone itself is quite sleek and sits at the end of a flexible arm that allows for easy adjustment.

Roccat Cross Mic Roccat Cross Mute

For mobile phone and console connectivity, the Cross also comes with a 1.2m cable with an in-line microphone and a button for controlling certain features of your mobile phone. It is curious that Roccat did not use the same cord material for both of the cables, and chose to go with a standard rubberized plastic cord in this instance.

Roccat Cross Mobile