ROCCAT Suora FX Gaming Keyboard Review

ROCCAT Suora FX Overview
As previously mentioned, the Suora FX features a frameless design, one that many manufacturers are offering as of late. The slimmed down body offers a no-frills approach to aesthetics, a look we really enjoy. The aluminum top plate has a nice matte black finish, and the only markings found are a ROCCAT logo and nameplate just above the arrow keys. There are 108 keys on the Suora FX, your standard 104-key layout, plus four additional keys above the numpad. Three of these keys are utilized for audio controls, while the fourth enables “GAME MODE”, which enables the six macro buttons that share functions with the keys above there arrow keys.

ROCCAT SuoraFX KB1 e1512936793761

The sides of the Suora FX are about as plain as possible, with just a small seam between the plastic base and the aluminum top plate. As you can see, the keys “float” quite a bit above the top plate, and have a pretty standard ergonomic curve from top to bottom.


Flipping the Suora FX over gives us a look at a very basic keyboard base layout; four rubber feet, and two legs to adjust the angle of the keyboard itself.

ROCCAT SuoraFX KB4 e1512936837462

The one not-so-basic feature that we really liked seeing was a three-way cable channel that is molded into the plastic base. Depending on your desk layout, you can have the braided cable exit the keyboard from the center, left, or right side of the top of the keyboard. This type of design looks to be easy to implement, but really goes a long way in helping with cable management.


ROCCAT has selected TTC mechanical switches for the Suora FX, and as you might have guessed, they are based on the Cherry MX switches, the blue variety in our review sample. We have taken a look at quite a few keyboards with Blue-type switches recently, and the TTC variant seems to operate in the same manner as those by Cherry and Kailh we have worked with. The RGB LED on each switch is located along the top edge, resulting in an illuminated key cap legend towards the top of each key. In this image we also see the only real visible ROCCAT branding of the Suora FX. There is a bit of additional branding on the front of the top edge of the keyboard, but this is not visible at all when using the keyboard.