Samsung Portable SSD T5 Review

Software & Testing
Just like the T3 the T5 comes with software on the drive. It is the Samsung Portable SSD Software (2017 Edition), which allows you to password protect the drive providing AES 256-bit hardware encryption. The software will ask you to name the drive and enter a password. Once you have done that you can see how much space you have left on the drive.

ss1 1 ss2 1

In the settings have the ability to change the name of the drive as well as the password. You can also turn security mode off disabling the password. With security mode on each time you connect the drive to a computer it will prompt you for the password to access the drive.

ss3 1 ss4 1

To test the drive we will first be running CrystalDiskMark, this will give us a good idea of read and write speeds of the drive.

samsung t5 crystal

Very impressive results here at 463.8 MB/s read and 475.4 MB/s write. So how does that compare to other portable drives out there? Well we went ahead and compared the SSD T5 to the ADATA SD700, ADATA SE730H, Samsung SSD T3, and the WD MyPassport Ultra (USB 3.0 / HDD).

crystal read

crystal write

Now we move on to DiskBench. Here we copy 2038 files which are a mix of RAW and JPG images totaling 22.2 GB. DiskBench lets us know the transfer rate after the transfer has been completed.

samsung t5 db

Again some very impressive results at 546.98 MB/s! Here are the results from the previous four drives running the exact same test.


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